Frequently Asked Questions

No, all estimates are free of charge- call our office and we can arrange to have an estimator meet you at your property, or he can leave an estimate for you if you can’t be home.
1 to 3 days. We can be there within hours if it is an emergency, and can leave an estimate for you within 1 day if you don’t have to meet the estimator. However, we are glad to call to set up an appointment to meet you at your home or place of business at your convenience.
We guarantee our price for one year, unless a different term is specified in writing by the estimator.
During our busy season starting in mid-April and continuing through October, it takes approximately 2 weeks from the time you approve your work and completion of the job. In the winter months our work slows down so we can complete a job within 1 week. Our prices go down in the winter as well- so it’s a great time to have tree work done!
This is a very good question, and should be asked of every contractor you are thinking of hiring. Aerial Bucket Services Inc is licensed through the State of Michigan. We will be glad to provide copies of our licenses at your request. We are also fully insured with liability, vehicle insurance and Workers Compensation. We will be happy to provide you with proof of insurance. Please always make sure to ask for proof of insurance before a contractor comes on your property to work.
No, we do not use spikes to climb live trees for pruning. This is a big no no in the tree care industry. This occurred a lot back in the 80’s, and unfortunately still occurs today. This is a great question to ask and we ask that our customers always ensure whoever they hire to make sure that spikes are not used when pruning – only removals.
No, topping trees is also a big no no in the tree industry. Topping trees is bad because it alters the branch structure and integrity of the limbs causing weak branches. Topping is deceiving because at first it might appear that the tree is safer, however, in the long run has serious negative consequences.
Anytime is really a good time to prune trees. Most trees are best to prune just before bud break, however, it is generally OK to prune trees anytime of the year. We don’t usually recommend pruning evergreen trees unless they are smaller such as Holly or hedge shrubs to be shaped with hand shears. Larger evergreens generally should not be cut. Deciduous trees can be pruned anytime.